Integration module of 1C:Enterprise 8.3 and Billing

About the project

The module synchronizes the process of invoicing, collecting payments and creation of counter parties between 1C:Enterprise and billing system.


The specifics of this project is that the work was carried out in a fuzzy requirements environment, therefore the development of the module required more than 10 iterations to achieve result which satisfies the customer. This is, in fact, an example of a very complex and stressful project in terms of project management, which, however, was successfully finished and put into commercial operation.


SOAP protocol is one of the most complicated and sluggish modern data communications protocols within corporate information systems. However, 1C:Enterprise offers SOAP as the industry standard for interoperation with the accounting system, so this factor becomes justification for using SOAP in the software architecture.

For integration with Billing it was written a web service in Java, using Apache Axis2 framework for implementing SOAP support on the one hand, and using internal billing API on the other.

Implementation of SOAP part dealt with a highly skilled programmer, who had experience with a similar role in the railway sector with the use of server-mainframe IBM System Z.

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Regional telecom operator


Mikhail Emelchenkov

Refinement of requirements, programming, deployment
Specialists of the customer


1C:Enterprise Java Axis2

Year of Production