Zine series “A book about Moscow”

About the project

Three photobook zines about Moscow five-story buildings and the renovation program, created as part of the collective workshop “Let's do it: a book about Moscow”.


Author's project on the topic of reconstructed buildings. A documentary story about the third way of urban development. These are superstructure and reconstructed five-story buildings. Custom-made projects, built in Moscow, are a good example of careful and eco-friendly treatment of the urban environment. The zine shows two ways of competent work with the cultural context of the city—overhaul and reconstruction.

All photos in zine were taken on an instant print camera “Fujifilm instax WIDE”.

“While Cats Walk”

A collective project on the topic of demolition. The story of a personal, with an anthropological approach, a kind of “five-story buildings museum” in the form of a book. Despite the shortcomings of five-story buildings, this is an unique way of life. And the only option in Moscow city is to live in a house that is commensurate with a person, live on the ground, with tree branches knocking in the window, friendly neighbours, front gardens and cats walking along the windowsill. After the renovation, these small porches with lovely grandmothers will disappear forever, and this way of life, which we are not offered a replacement, will also be irretrievably gone.

“Demolish Impossible to Keep”

A collective project on the topic of demolition. The story is more of a journalistic approach to renovation, it indicates a lot of questions that it stirred up: about the possibility of a third way not exhausted by the pros and cons, that the society has been divided, taken aback by the need for an unambiguous choice, about the relationship of authorities and people, that Moscow of our childhood and the familiar look of the city are on the verge of extinction.

In the press

“Презентация фотозинов о реновации в Москве”, The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography, 2017.

Invitation to presentation

The presentation of photobook zines took place on September 15, 2017 at 7 PM at The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography. Address: Bolotnaya Emb. 3/1, Moscow, Russia.

Where to buy

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Photo, publishing
Mikhail Emelchenkov

Anna Bedynska

Design, layout
Marina Kleptsova

Artist book printing service “Nemakulatura”

60 pages, 13.5 x 21 cm
Staple binding
Digital printing
Unlimited copies

While Cats Walk, Demolish Impossible to Keep

Russian Independent Selfpublished – Alla Mirovskaya, Elena Kholkina, Natalia Baluta

Anna Bedynska
Anna Gurovich
Anna Dmitri
Ekaterina Naumova
Kristina Koroleva
Mikhail Emelchenkov
Nina Arkhipova
Olga Kirsanova

The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography, paper shop “Formula bumagi”, artist book printing service “Nemakulatura”.

Sewn binding
Limited to 40 copies

Year of Production