elementary OS Preboot eXecution Environment

A standalone self-contained PXE server which could be started in any execution environment like Linux or Mac OS without installing system software. The server allows boot unmodified elementary OS Luna Live CD ISO on any PXE-supported hardware.

A very useful tool for booting installer on machines without CD-ROM drive or for save time on USB boot flash creation. Ethernet patch cord is the only hardware you need.

elementary OS

Bye Bye Macelementary OS is one of the best desktop Linux distribution.

It includes an entire operating system built from an Ubuntu core, a desktop environment (Pantheon) and all of its components, several apps (Files, Noise, Audience, Maya, Terminal, Scratch, Snap, and Switchboard to name a few), a developer toolkit (Granite), a design style, and a set of Human Interface Guidelines.

How to use

Host machine:

  1. Prepare a separate Linux or Mac OS machine (host) with free Ethernet interface.
  2. Install VirtualBox, Vagrant and Ansible.
  3. Download eOS PXE.
  4. Download Elementary OS Luna LiveCD (elementaryos-stable-i386.20130810.iso) and put to eos_pxe/files/ directory.
  5. Configure eOS PXE and run it.

Target machine:

  1. Configure BIOS boot order to boot from Network first.
  2. Connect host and target machines with Ethernet patch-cord.
  3. Reboot and wait when Elementary OS starts.


The software requires private subnet for its operations. In order to change settings, edit eos_pxe/roles/common/vars/main.yml.

  • bridged_network
    Ethernet interface name.
    "en0: Ethernet" is Mac OS Ethernet card.
  • server_ip
    Host IP. Must resides in private subnet.
    Possible values: "192.168.x.x", "172.16.x.x" and "10.x.x.x"
    Default value: ""
  • dhcp_subnet, dhcp_range_start and dhcp_range_end
    DHCP server configuration. Default values:
    dhcp_subnet: " netmask"
    dhcp_range_start: ""
    dhcp_range_end: ""
  • iso_file
    Downloaded elementary OS ISO file name.

Configuration example:
bridged_network: "en0: Ethernet"
server_ip: ""
dhcp_subnet: " netmask"
dhcp_range_start: ""
dhcp_range_end: ""
iso_file: "elementaryos-stable-i386.20130810.iso"


To instantiate virtual machine and run the server:
$ eos_pxe/start.sh

To stop the server:
$ eos_pxe/stop.sh

To uninstall:
$ cd eos_pxe/cache && vagrant destroy

Windows version

Current version of the software does not intended to run on Windows platform. However, it could be added in future. Please express your opinion, if you need Windows support, in comments below.

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